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Horoscope sign Virgo

Today's Virgo Horoscope

Virgo in one Line - Virgo holds the sixth position in the order or cycle of Zodiac signs. Virgo is represented by the symbol of ‘Maiden’. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury and the ruling element is ‘Earth’..

Personality: (79%):

Virgo is an Earthy sign. The three nakshatra that falls under this Rashi is Uttra Phalguni (2), (3) and (4); Hasta and Chitra nakshatra (1) and (2). People born in this Rashi are great visionaries but need support to implement their ideas. Mercury is the ruler of this sign. The gains are active. But this would be only after the initial hard work. This would be the fulcrum which would make it easy for you to overcome obstacles. This would improve you overall gains.

Career: (79%):

Career wise, you would be on a rise. The day would be fulfilling in your achievements. But yes, this is mainly due to the support and efforts of Saturn.

Finance: (79%):

Money and Finance would be moderate. Therefore, you would manage your expenses. You would be careful of your monetary management.

Health: (79%):

Health wise, you would be susceptible to allergy. Please maintain some distance from the same. This would help you to remain fit and fine.

Education: (79%):

Students and Education would do well. They would prepare accordingly. This would improve your preparation. The day would be fulfilling.

Luck: (79%):

Luck may not be with you at the time required. But you would not be disturbed with this. Therefore, this would bring betterment in achievements.

Love: (79%):

Mutual love would prevail. This would bring you both close. The day would be fulfilling in all walk of life.

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