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Part 5

Late that night Tishka was just about to doze off when she heard her mobile beep. An unknown what Sapp number flashed across her screen with an attached video? Must be a spam message thought Tishka wearily as she was about to hit the delete button. It was the picture of Beethoven on the unknown sender’s profile that arrested her attention…she quickly downloaded the video to find an excellent rendition of Beethoven’s seventh symphony. There was no response to her enquiries about the identity of the sender and Tishka went off to sleep lulled by the spell of Beethoven that night. The next night she received a video of glulam ale’s first stage performance….this time to the sender didn’t reveal his/ her identity. This is weird thought Tishka as she sent her unknown sender a thank you message telepathically. After all this was the first time she had received something meaningful on social media…a medium which she inherently disliked and found meaningless. The next few evenings came up with renditions by classical musicians, old black and white movie songs and even a few numbers of Beatles and ABBA. It was as if the sender knew Tishka’s musical tastes by some weird coincidence…

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John Abraham

Date of Birth:17 December 1972
Zodiac Sign :Sagittarius

John Abraham is one of the most happening actors of the Indian movie industry. Before joining the acting world John had ..Know More..