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Childhood Love To Wedded Bliss


A month later, mended and moving about he met Rinku and invited her to lunch. She accepted. Over lunch he blurted out, ‘Tell me were you with me all the time I was in hospital?’ “Yes of course,” she replied, “It is the natural thing to do, isn’t it? You are my childhood friend after all.” “Rinku,” he said, “I have something to confess.” “And what is that,” she asked. “I have been a damn fool and have been running after Sonu when all the while I did not realize that it was you I truly loved but did not know it.” “So what,” she said. “So what so what… why, damn it, I want to marry you,” he finished. Her reply floored him: “Just because I took care of you it does not mean I love you too and do you think that when you propose I just fall down like a ripe mango from the tree and say Yes?” she demanded. Things, Ritesh thought, are never easy, damn these females.  “Oh well,” she admitted, “I do have feelings for you so why don’t we just get to know each other better?” He sighed in relief. There was hope after all.

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