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Love by fluke..!!

Part 7

For the next few days he avoided going to the book shop and told his uncle to handle the stall all alone for sometime as he wasn’t feeling well. He was utterly perplexed with the entire turnout of events and did not know how to react to it. He was feeling sorry for Ritu because he appreciated ritu as a good natured, sweet girl who is crazy about work and who has yet to learn to live life in the true sense of the term. Krish called up a close friend of his and confided the matter into him. After listening to everything he asked a question to Krish, ‘Do you like her’. Krish replied, ‘Yes, I like her but not in this way’. To this his friend replied, ‘If you like her why don’t you give this a chance…you will make your life a better place by that way’. Krish was lost in deep thought after that. His friend met him the next day and gave him a book for motivation. The first lines of the book read, ‘Give love a chance always or else you may lose the one who loves you truly’. Next day Krish went to the bookshop again. He asked Ritu to meet him. As they met, Krish asked her, ‘So, do you love me…’. Ritu was silent but her eyes told everything. Krish broke the silence saying, ‘well, you should give me that chance too…’

Ritu’s face lightened up and we all were left in anticipation of a fabulous love story…soon to start…

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Prakash Jha

Date of Birth:27 February 1952
Zodiac Sign :Pisces

Prakash Jha is a well known movie producer, director, screenwriter plus actor of the Indian movie industry. The movies d..Know More..