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Water Everywhere But One Drop is Enough

Part 7

That was when she dropped the bomb.

“In that case you have just to open your eyes, see the love of your life in front of you and propose to her,” she said softly, looking deeply and intently into his eyes.

That was when lightning struck and a great light shone and realization dawned upon him. This was what she meant all along when she said that bit about opening eyes to see someone who loves you standing right in front of you.

“You,” he stormed. “It was you all along. I have been blind and a fool to not have recognized the light of love in your eyes. I have been an idiot! I now realize I liked you all along and when I look into the future I can imagine a life with you by my side.”

“And what makes you think I am thinking of spending my life with you,” she bantered.

“Eh what,” he yelped, “Now that I have said I love you, you do not love me even though your eyes say so?”

“Relax. I was kidding. It is nice to tease you once in a while. You will get used to it when we are married,” and with that she smiled the most beautiful smile at him.

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