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My better half ‘s arrival…a wonderful love tale...

Part 6

Tania’s parents were urging her to get settled in life. They were looking for a suitable groom for her but it wasn’t a smooth journey as most of the prospective grooms and their family had an eligibility criterion for the bride which she did not meet. Her parents were worried about her future and were knocking the doors of various astrologers to find a remedy for the delay in their daughter’s marriage or the hurdles they were facing. These hurdles perhaps were a kind of signal from destiny which they failed to understand. Tania was pissed off with everything that was happening in her life quite in spite of herself. One fine day she thought to call Subh and disclose her feelings to him; a thing she had never dared to do all these years perhaps out of fear of being rejected. But that day she was determined as she was scared and fed up with the ceaseless rejections in marriage she had been facing so long. She ultimately called Subh up and blurted her heart out to him. She also informed him that she was the one who had called him from the radio station for a telephonic interview. She told him that she knows him very well and has seen him many times at a common friend’s place though he hasn’t ever seen her. Subh was totally perplexed by the rapid turn out of events but was also happy. After that day they spoke almost every day over phone and Subh really loved her voice and the way she spoke…

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Anushka Sharma

Date of Birth:01 May 1988
Zodiac Sign :Taurus

Anushka Sharma is one of the most popular movie actresses of Bollywood in the recent times. She is also a movie producer..Know More..