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Horoscope sign Leo

Today's Leo Horoscope

Leo in one Line - With high expectations and charged spirits Leo is all set to conquer obstacles and emerge as a winner.

Personality: (79%):

Leo is a Fiery sign. Three nakshatras that fall in this Rashi are Magha; Purva Phalguni and Uttra Phalguni (1) Pada. People born in this Rashi are stubborn but Morally upright. Sun rules this sign. There will be some support in career, but you would need to wait for promotion. Marriage alliance is likely, still this would end in an engagement than in marriage for a new of you. Take the most comprehensive approach in getting your actions in place. This will be elevating and even encouraging.  

Career: (79%): 

Career will receive the grace of Jupiter. But if into partnership business, then the time is not supportive. This can lead to various problems.     

Finance: (79%):

Expenses will be balance. Though occasionally, that would surpass income. Thanks to Jupiter, he will maintain equilibrium.      

Health (79%):

Skin rashes are likely. This will take time to recover completely. Health will be improving as it moves ahead in the days to come.

Education: (79%):

Students looking for internships will find it difficult to get a new role. This can be disappointing. Please work on your fundamentals as someone will notice your skills 

Luck (79%):

Luck in service will help you. Also, some peace and support at home is likely. Some solace is seen due to this that will give peace to your mind.  

Love: (79%): 

Mutual love and understanding will be missing in the context that you will not be able to understand each other. Constant fights cannot be ruled out.

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