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Horoscope sign Leo

Today's Leo Horoscope

Leo in one Line - With high expectations and charged spirits Leo is all set to conquer obstacles and emerge as a winner.

Personality: (84%):

Leo is a Fiery sign. Three nakshatras that fall in this Rashi are Magha; Purva Phalguni and Uttra Phalguni (1) Pada. People born in this Rashi are stubborn but Morally upright. Sun rules this sign. Some one elder in the family will come forward to help you. They will pre-empt the challenges faced by you and will touch the raw nerve in your life. Your exasperation will be settled with some element of calmness. You will feel delighted with their support today.

Career (84%):

Career and progress in professional life will be excellent. All the achievements will be as per expectations. You will be happy towards the end of the day.

Finance (82%):

Financially the day will be excellent. You will spend wisely. Eventually money management will be positive.

Health (82%):

Health will normal. Good food and diet will help you. Especially for octogenarians. Health wise, the day would be fulfilling.

Educations (84%):

Students will be happy with their retention. Jupiter and Moon is graceful. Ability to learn and retain knowledge will be high.

Luck: (82%):

The complete support of luck and fortune will be graceful. This will ensure positive progress through out. You will feel blessed.

Love: (84%):

What smothered you in personal life will be settled now. Partners will be happy with each other. The duo will understand each other very well today.

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