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Horoscope sign Leo

Today's Leo Horoscope

Leo in one Line - With high expectations and charged spirits Leo is all set to conquer obstacles and emerge as a winner.

Personality: (84%):

Leo is a Fiery sign. Three nakshatras that fall in this Rashi are Magha; Purva Phalguni and Uttra Phalguni (1) Pada. People born in this Rashi are stubborn but Morally upright. Sun rules this sign. The planets which are benevolent are being exalted, you will continue to remain competent in all facets of life. Except in romance, you will be highly impressive in every other subject. The day will be fulfilling.        

Career: (82%):

A sudden increase in energy levels is indicated. The outcome will be excellent. Those looking out for a change in role is the best time to talk to your superiors.   

Finance: (84%):

Financially a much better phase. With rise in income level, you will make the most of it. Ensure savings are high.

Health: (84%):

With Sun and Mars both improving your energy levels, you will be very fit and agile. Stamina level will be high. Try to continue the fitness levels.

Education: (84%):

Students pursuing Management studies or anything related to Lay will be at their best. Preparations will be high. Work as much hard as possible.

Luck: (84%): 

Since the house of luck will be active with sign lord Sun, you will continue to remain blessed. A sense of divine grace is assured.

Love: (84%):

With lack of romance and love you will feel void. Please do not allow romance to dry up. Keep yourself in good mood.

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