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Muhurathams are important for all vital Hindu ceremonies/rituals and a devout Hindu will always make sure to stick to a shubh muharat when embarking on a ritualistic journey such as marriage, mundan, namkaran, griha pravesh, purchasing something valuable or even starting a business. In simple terms Muhurats are auspicious time slots as per the Hindu diurnal, monthly or yearly calendar. People with some kind of ‘dosha’ in their chart or people who lack a birth chart can benefit a lot from Muhuratam calculations.

Vedic astrology attaches much importance to muhurat and asserts that anything done at a good or auspicious muhurat is sure to fetch in good results. Doing things at a good muhurat maximizes the scope of success from that particular event. Thus, it is a tradition in every Hindu household to look up the Subh Muhurat in the Pancham before deciding on the time and date of any big event. When Subh muhurats are decided one needs to consider the association of the ascendant with the week days’ combination and the nakshatra.

On each month there’ll be Subh muhurats specific to certain ceremonies and these auspicious dates and timings can be understood only if you resort to some good astrologer or use an authentic muhuratam calculator online. At we can calculate your required subh muhurat in minutes and generate results showing the auspicious date along with tithi, nakshatra and suitable timings for that particular date. To get your subh muhurat calculated you need to supply us with inputs such as month, name/type of ceremony/event . Once these inputs are supplied to us, our muhuratam finder will do its job and calculate your muhurat in just a few minutes…

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