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Horoscope sign Gemini

Today's Gemini Horoscope

Gemini in one Line - The Twins should be prepared to avoid legal litigation as there are chances of them getting involved in lawsuits in this phase.

Personality (70%)

Gemini is an Airy sign. Three Nakshatra that falls under this sign is Mrigasira (3) and (4) pada, Arudra Nakshatra and Punarvasu (1), (2) and (3) Pada. People born in this Rashi are assertive and energetic. Mercury is the sign lord. Even your sig is under the influence of Poonaraphoo dosha. Which means, you too will be in a fix. The multiple transits of planets will put you in a confused state. But keep your mind cool and do not get dejected with no reason.

Career (70%):

The career will be at its best. The more you would work hard, the better will be its outcome. Please work on the nitty-gritty which will be rewarding.

Finance (70%):

Money management would need some attention. Both lending or even taking any form of loan will be dangerous. Please maintain caution. 

Health (70%):

Health can be delicate. It can lead to a chemical imbalance, as Moon is helmed in between nodes and the Saturn. Please consult your doctor to avoid anxiety.

Educations (70%):

Learning will be slow. But you can overcome the learning with some strength. Please focus on the same. You would do well in your performance.   

Luck (70%):   

Luck will not be great. Since the dosha which is created by Moon and Nodes will put you in a disadvantaged position. Rely on efforts today.

Love (70%):

No fights, please. Since some of you can be tempted to consider separation. The more you would be aggressive the more are the chances.

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Date of Birth:21 May 1960
Zodiac Sign :Gemini
Mohanlal Vishwanathan Nair or Mohanlal is an acclaimed film actor plus producer in the industry of Malayalam movies. The actor has risen to ..Know More..