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Horoscope sign Gemini

Today's Gemini Horoscope

Gemini in one Line - The Twins should be prepared to avoid legal litigation as there are chances of them getting involved in lawsuits in this phase.

Personality (84%)

Gemini is an Airy sign. Three Nakshatra that falls under this sign is Mrigasira (3) and (4) pada, Arudra Nakshatra and Punarvasu (1), (2) and (3) Pada. Mercury is the sign lord. Mercury in your sign will continue to make you sharp in approach and mind. This will be unique to your ability. But yes, make sure you do lead a peaceful life to accomplish the task.

Career: (84%):

New career opportunities are likely for many. Try to upgrade your skills. This will help you in the future

Finance: (82%):

Investing in long term assets will be helpful. Try to maintain good investment portfolio. Your ability to value them will be key to invest.

Health: (84%):

Some of you will work hard to tone their muscle. Do not go overboard and chew as much as you can eat

Education: (82%):

Students preparing for literature will do well. They would pursue research if permitted. Time is very auspicious to enrol for the same.

Luck: (84%): 

Mercury the sign lord has moved to your sign, what more can you ask for? You are blessed.

Love (84%): 

Love life will be good. You and your partner will accommodate each other. This will improve bonding.

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