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Horoscope sign Sagittarius

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius in one Line - Most Sagittarians are likely to be super involved with building a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.


Personality: (79%):

Sagittarius is a Fiery Sign. Following are the three nakshatras. Moola; Purva Ashada and Uttra Ashada (1) Pada. People born in this nakshatra are self-centric but helpful. This rashi is ruled by Jupiter. Venus is well placed in the house of respect. After a long gap, you will be appreciated for all your good work. This will continue for some time which will make you feel good. It would be a wonderful day to experience some positive moments.

Career (79%):

Support of colleagues and peers will improve your ability to grow in career. There will be good upliftment in your status. You will feel blessed.

Finance (79%):

Invest in schemes which are not speculative. Since time is not supportive to arbitrage. This will help you manage your portfolio wisely.

Health (80%):

Health will be supportive. But do not eat spicy food. You will regret as this will affect your system later.

Educations (79%):

Learning will help you to retain good knowledge. Thanks to Venus and Moon. The duo will help you in all aspects of learning today.

Luck: (79%):

Support of luck do exist. But this will take time to be experienced. You will manage your achievements accordingly.

Love: (79%):

Good day for all forms of compatibility. This will bring you both close today. Thanks to planetary alignment.

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