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Horoscope sign Sagittarius

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius in one Line - Most Sagittarians are likely to be super involved with building a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.


Personality: (84%):

Sagittarius is a Fiery Sign. Following are the three nakshatras. Moola; Purva Ashada and Uttra Ashada (1) Pada. People born in this nakshatra are self-centric but helpful. This rashi is ruled by Jupiter.Intellectual pursuit will improve your personal goal. You will show much importance towards finding spiritual answers to difficult questions. Please maintain the balance as this will help you in your personal achievements.

Career: (84%):

Career of intellectuals such as mentors, consultants, counsellors and others will have an excellent phase. They would due very well in all walks of life today.

Finance: (82%):

Good day to speculate and invest in stock markets. Gains are indicated. This will give you extra money. Profit booking should be your motive for the day.

Health: (82%):

Good health is indicated. Thanks to your disciplined living. Mars will be highly supportive today.

Education (84%):

Learning will be good. Thanks to retention. You will be confident of your pursuit. This will improve your knowledge.

Luck: (84%):

Luck and fortune will show marked improvement. This will help you to solve your problems. Please remain focused.

Love (82%):

Romance will be at its best. Please remain normal to your partner. They would love your good conduct.

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