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Love since time immemorial has existed on this earth. It forms the basis of life on earth and pulls life ahead through procreation. Both myths and real stories bear a clear testimony to the fact that ‘love’ by far is the most powerful emotion on earth. If you are love-struck of late & wish to know whether you ‘both’ pair perfectly or not, use our love calculator today!

Our love calculator calculates the compatibility between you and your love interest. It does so on the basis of yours and your partner’s name. All you need to do is to enter the names & click mouse on ‘calculate’ tab. In just a couple of minutes results will unfold the mystery in your chemistry. Our love calculator is the easiest way to find out whether your pair would make a love story as great as that of Laila-Majnu or Salim-Anarkali, two of the most famed love stories on earth

When we are attracted towards an opposite sex, our heart captures the image of our love interest. Soon after, brain intervenes by processing the image. Resultantly the activity of certain brain chemicals is boosted. Thus falling in love involves a complex interaction of the heart and brain. Hyperactive brain chemicals give you sleepless nights, uncountable romantic fantasies, forgetfulness and other such signs of love. Also, you might spend most of your waking hours wondering whether you and your potential partner could make a good match or not. Our love calculator makes it all easy for you. Visit, calculate your compatibility and decide!

Note- Calculating love online is just an amusement. To take major decisions, you need to listen to your heart..!

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Sridevi Kapoor

Date of Birth:13 August 1963
Zodiac Sign :Leo

Sridevi is the elegant, dusky doe-eyed actress who has showcased her acting skills in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam an..Know More..