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Horoscope sign Cancer

Today's Cancer Horoscope

Cancer in one Line - Cancerians should prepare themselves to face a lot of action in work.

Personality: (84):

Cancer is a Water Sign. The Three Nakshatras in this Rashi sign are Punarvasu (4) Pushya Nakshatras, Aslesha Nakshatras. People born in this Rashi are very emotional and intelligent. This sign is ruled by Moon. The transit results will be moderate. Since Moon, the sign lord is helmed in between nodes and the Saturn. Therefore, a native of your sign will see mixed relations. Though wearing a pearl as a gem, will be rewarding. 

Career: (84%):

The role of your career ride will decide your progress in life. Therefore, make it a point to grow in your career achievements. Maximize your gains.

Finance: (82%):

Those who are planning to work out a new stream of cash flows. This may not bring immediate returns. But do not lose your sight. The returns will be good.

Health: (82%):

Native who suffered from flatulence will recover from the problem. Medical support will be responsive. You would feel the respite. 

Education: (84%):

No artificial efforts, please. Today with Moon being weakened, you would need the support of higher learning. The more you would work hard, the better the results.

Luck: (82%):

No support of luck to help you. But Jupiter’s grace upon you will open the doors to some extent. Therefore, nothing much to lose, despite a slow rise in luck.

Love: (84%):

Love life can see some skirmishes. This will be an irritant. Please make it a point to avoid being lenient and taking things are granted. 

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