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Horoscope sign Cancer

Today's Cancer Horoscope

Cancer in one Line - Cancerians should prepare themselves to face a lot of action in work.

Personality: (84%):

Cancer is a Water Sign. The Three Nakshatras in this Rashi sign are Punarvasu (4) Pushya Nakshatras, Aslesha Nakshatras. People born in this rashi are very emotional and intelligent. Moon is the ruler of this sign. Long distance travel is likely. This will be less stressful. Overall, there is progress in all walks of life. Please maintain good rapport with others. As they should not feel that you are arrogant due to your achievements. Simplicity will work with most of them. 

Career (84%):

Promotion is likely for some of you. If it is due, then please do not look for opportunities outside your concern. You can receive the good news soon.   

Finance (82%):

If invested in stock market, then time is apt to redeem investments. This will help you to book profits. Saturn and Jupiter are helping you in this endeavour. 

Health (84%):

Health will see slow rise in immunity. Some of you will maintain a diet plan. This will help you to control weight increase. Thanks to your dedication.      

Education (82%):

Students will show dedication and improvement in concentration. Retention level will be high due to this. You will take some test preparations for improving your score.    

Luck (82%):

Saturn will move to the house of gains. Jupiter has moved to the house of luck and fortune. Can you ask for more? Fortune will help you in all walks of life.

Love (84%):

Marriage is likely for many of you. For couples, time is apt to raise a family. Please go with mutual consent. 

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