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Horoscope sign Pisces

Today's Pisces Horoscope

Pisces in one Line - Pisceans have to control their wanderlust and stop their imagination from blowing out of control..

Personality (79%): 

Pisces is a Water Sign. The three nakshatras of this sign are Purva Bhadra (4), Uttra Bhadra Nakshatra and Revathi Nakshatra. People born under this sign are diplomatic and kind hearted. Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. Moon has moved to the house of higher order intelligence. This will improve your gains. The day will be fulfilling. Try to manage your gains accordingly. This would maintain the gains which would put you in a better state

Career: (79%):

Do not blindly accept any idea. This will hurt you. Try to examine as many facets of the work as possible. Career growth will need attention.

Finance (79%):

Financially you will be prudent. Shall calculate and then act. Try to maximise your earnings with sound actions

Health (79%):

Those who suffered from heart related problems will see much improvement. Thanks to timely medication. Please continue the same. 

Education (79%):

Students pursuing Law will do well. Try to write your point of view and share it with your mentors. They would fine tune the same.

Luck: (79%): 

Some obstacle will irritate. This can be overcome only with hard work and efforts. Please maintain the tempo. The results will be positive.

Love: (79%):

Do not be overaggressive please. You will invite the wrath of your partner. They would be humble. Try to manage your relationship wisely.

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L. R. Eswari

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