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Horoscope sign Pisces

Today's Pisces Horoscope

Pisces in one Line - Pisceans have to control their wanderlust and stop their imagination from blowing out of control..

Personality (84%): 

Pisces is a Water Sign. The three nakshatras of this sign are Purva Bhadra (4), Uttra Bhadra Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra. People born under this sign are diplomatic and kind hearted. Jupiter is the sign lord. Mixed reactions will confuse you. Some good and bad movement will hit you today. You will plan you actions accordingly. Thus, a sense of confidence would be high. Make the most of it today.

Career (84%):

Career prosperity will depend upon your hard work today. Do not digress from the core issues. You will regret the delay factor.

Finance (82%): 

Financially, a good day. But, avoid any form of speculation. Since, this will tempt you to maximise gains. Safe bets are advisable.

Health (82%):

No addiction please. This will intoxicate and you will lose focus. Please restrain from taking any such step.

Education (84%):

Learning will be good. Thanks to your ability to grasp the subjects. This will help you to improve knowledge.

Luck (82%):

Luck factor will be high. You will feel blessed. Since Jupiter, the sign lord in the house of luck, would boost your confidence today.

Love (84%):

Love and romance will pull you towards your partner. The duo will get attracted towards each other. The day will be fulfilling. 

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