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Sun Sign' is the popular way of knowing about yourself and your daily horoscope. According to the Hindu Astrology, the Moon rules over your mind, while the Sun rules over your soul. Thus Moon Sign, otherwise colloquially know as Rashi is the basic defining parameter used in Vedic Astrology. In Vedic Astrology, the Moon Sign is given more importance than Sun Sign because Moon Sign reflects more on your personality and your life than your Sun Sign.

By knowing the readings of your Moon Sign, an Astrologer can know how much the Moon affects an individual’s personality. Our astrological predictions and descriptions are quite general, but may reveal you some significant information about you via daily horoscopes. With our personalized solutions we address your concerns and related problems related to love, career, business and more in our daily horoscopes.

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Anuj Sachdeva

Date of Birth:05 October 1982
Zodiac Sign :Libra

Anuj Sachdeva is a Bollywood actor who generated sensation among the public with his
performance in one of the mos..Know More..