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The 12 zodiac signs on the astrological platter come with different meanings, connotations, denotations, traits and characteristics that are specific in nature. Thus, each zodiac sign is unique and come with differences as well as similarities between one another. When there’s a preponderance of the dissimilarities between two zodiac signs, the signs are considered ‘incompatible’. Thus, natives of those two signs will also be incompatible to one another. On the other hand, when there’s a preponderance of similarities between two zodiac signs, the signs as well as natives of those signs are considered compatible to one another.

To succeed in the various relationships of life, two individuals need to be compatible to each other. In other words, they need to belong to zodiac signs that are compatible to each other. The 12 zodiac signs are categorized as earth signs, water signs, fire signs and air signs. As an astrological rule, signs of the same group will match best with one another. For example, the zodiac signs such as Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces will match with one another most excellently, all three being water signs.

In this context, it must be noted that water signs will not match with fire signs as fire and water are totally incompatible elements. Fire signs and air signs however will match fantastically as fire and air always go hand in hand as elements. Apart from elements, planetary positions at the birth time determine the compatibility between two individuals as well.

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Sridevi Kapoor

Date of Birth:13 August 1963
Zodiac Sign :Leo

Sridevi is the elegant, dusky doe-eyed actress who has showcased her acting skills in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam an..Know More..