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Horoscope sign Taurus

Today's Taurus Horoscope

Taurus in one Line - Taurus is going to meet quite a few interesting people in this phase.

Personality: (79%):

Taurus is an Earthy sign. The 3 nakshatras that fall under this Rashi are Kritika (2), (3), and (4) pada, Rohini, Mrigasira (1) and (2) pada. Venus is the ruler of this sign. Give your close associates some time. Especially if you are planning to achieve any joint effort with your team. Make sure you do not lose focus. Soon, you will be at your destination              

Career: (79%):

Mars will ensure you will be focused in your career progress. Make sure you do not lose focus. Achievements will be high.

Finance: (79%):

Invest in equity for long term. This will be rewarding. You will see your investment portfolio expanding today. Mars will ensure reward.

Health: (79%): 

Water intake should be high. Some of you will suffer from dehydration. Please remain careful through out the day

Education (79%):

Learning and education will be on priority. Students will be keen to work hard. This will improve your preparation. You will be confident due to this. 

Luck: (79%):

The luck factor will be high. Mars is exalted. This will improve your achievements.

Love: (79%):
Romance will be important. But you will not be lenient towards your partner. They would also reciprocate accordingly. 

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