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Horoscope sign Scorpio

Today's Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio in one Line - Most Scorpions are recovering from a phase that was marked with hypocrisy and pretense.

Personality (84%):

Scorpio is a Water sign. The three nakshatras that fall under this sign are Vishaka (4) Pada, Anuradha, and Jyeshta Nakshatras. Native are born leaders in this sing. Mars is the ruler of this sign. Gains are high. Some of you will see ease in life. Particularly females. Also, there will be support from friends and new friends circle will also join hands in helping you.  You will see much of the change happening in person life. Some of you will find a new partner and soon will decide to settle down personally. Time is good for marriage. Progress will be seen in personal life. 

Career: (84%):

Gains in career will lead to better growth. You will feel content in life. Some of you will also plan to start a new business. Please ensure all the legal requirements are in place. 

Finance (82%):

Gains are high and hence money will flow will be good. Some of you will see progress in investments made in the past. Jupiter and Venus are compounding your gains in savings. 

Education (84%):

Jupiter is in your sign; you would see your confidence improving. Learning and retention will be high. Students will perform well in your test.

Health (82%): 

Weight problems can continue to bother you. Diet should be controlled. Especially oily food and sweets. Some exercise would also help you to improve your constitution.

Love: (82%): 

Break ups if any, will lead to patch up. Married couples will be serious in their relationships and plan to raise a family. This will bear fruits for you.        

Luck: (84%):

Gains are high. Jupiter in your sign will aspect the house of fortune. Venus is in the house of gains. Can you ask for more?

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