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Horoscope sign Scorpio

Today's Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio in one Line - Most Scorpions are recovering from a phase that was marked with hypocrisy and pretense.

Personality (84%):

Scorpio is a Water sign. The three nakshatras that fall under this sign are Vishaka (4) Pada, Anuradha, and Jyeshta Nakshatras. Native are born leaders in this sing. Mars is the ruler of this sign. The day will continue to be good in all aspects. Also, for sports personalities. You will be highly competitive and this will take you to the top position today. Only ensure, that you do not pull your muscles. Some health related problems can be bothersome to some of you in the coming future.  

Mars and Venus in the house of gains will add gains in your career. All your endeavour will be fulfilled. But, please schedule the priorities for better results.    

Finance: (82%):

Lending and investing will be fruitful today. You will be calculative and this will help you to build a stop loss. Make the most of your investing activity today.  

Health (82%):

Jupiter is gracing your constitution. This would be good. But some muscle related problems can be bothersome. Please remain careful. 

Education (84%):

Students planning to learn new language, then the day is very auspicious. You will find a good mentor to help you learn the subject with ease. 

Luck (82%):

The house of luck is aspected by Jupiter and Venus. Gains are improved by Mars and sign lord Venus. A very lucky day today.

Love (84%):

You will be serious with your partner today, if single. Please be subtle to ask for commitment. They will not disappoint you today. 

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