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Horoscope sign Aquarius

Today's Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius in one Line - For the Water Bearer, this could well be the time when some open display of feelings is needed.


Personality (79%):

Acquires is an Airy sign. The three nakshatras of this rashi are Dhanishta (3) and (4); Shatabisha and Purvabhadra nakshatra. People born in this rashi have the pursuit to seek something in life, however, unsatisfied. Saturn rules this sign. Sign lord is well placed to take you to a long journey. Make it a point to cover maximum places. Since, this will help you to complete most of the pending work.

Career: (79%):

New opportunities can knock your door step. But do evaluate them before taking the same. You should not regret later.

Finance: (79%):

Keep stop loss while speculating. Else you can miss the right opportunity to exit. It would need some caution today.

Health: (79%):

Health has been on your side. You will be happy with the progress being made in the level of stamina. Try to maintain your diet and exercise for better agility.

Education: (79%):

Students will be serious of their preparation. This will help them in their upcoming exams. Make no mistake, you are challenged by many competitive people.

Luck: (79%):

Certainly, there is support of luck. You will feel blessed. This will help you in your achievements.

Love: (79%):

Try to be accommodative. You will be happy in dealing with issues today. This will bring you both close.

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