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Horoscope sign Aquarius

Today's Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius in one Line - For the Water Bearer, this could well be the time when some open display of feelings is needed.

Personality (79%):

Aquarius is an Airy sign. The three nakshatras of this rashi are Dhanishta (3) and (4); Shatabisha and Purvabhadra nakshatra. People born in this rashi have the pursuit to seek something in life, however, unsatisfied. Saturn rules this sign. You will suffer from fatigue. Please do not exert beyond your ability. This will have an impact on your level of stamina. Kindly take them seriously. This would be helpful to you in the long run.

Career (79%):

Nothing special. You will be normal with you daily routine. This can frustrate you. But just allow time to settle down. Moon is debilitated.

Finance (79%):

Finance and money needs some attention. There will be some spends on higher side. Mainly impulsive one. Please try to control the same.

Health (79%):

Health will be normal. There will, stability. But fatigue will be a very common problem. Try to remain normal as this will improve your fitness level.

Educations (79%):

Learning will be normal. Students will have to pull up their socks. Exams are nearing. Try to take studies seriously and work hard.

Luck (79%):   

Hard work will be rewarding. This will help you to ensure achievements. The day will be fulfilling due to efforts. Make sure you leave no stone unturned.

Love (79%):

Married couples will have a better phase. You will happy with your partner. There will be better phase towards the end of the day.

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subhash Chandra Bose

Date of Birth:23 January 1897
Zodiac Sign :Aquarius
Profession:Freedom Fighter

Subhash Chandra Bose, fondly referred to as ‘Netaji’ is one of the most remembered nationalist of the countr..Know More..