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Horoscope sign Aquarius

Today's Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius in one Line - For the Water Bearer, this could well be the time when some open display of feelings is needed.

Personality (84%):

Aquarius is an Airy sign. The three nakshatras of this rashi are Dhanishta (3) and (4); Shatabisha and Purvabhadra nakshatra. People born in this rashi have the pursuit to seek something in life, however, unsatisfied. Saturn rules this sign. Your younger sibling will approach you for some help. Make no mistake, this will put you in responsibility position. You have been serious of your work, but now, you would have to take additional responsibility of your sibling. So, please remain cautious.        

Career: (84%):

Those into business should ensure that there is not family feud. This can lead to street fights. This can affect business and career at individual level

Finance: (82%):

No taking any loans please. You will suffer from serious shortcoming. Please maintain a good balance of expenses and income

Health: (82%):

Health will be robust. You will recover the stress that you underwent recently. Some swimming or yoga can stand to benefit. Please do take appropriate steps.

Education: (84%):

Students pursuing higher studies will need some patience. Their inability to comprehend will pull them down. Please maintain a dedicated process.

Luck: (82%):

Luck and fortune will bring fulfilling. Though you will occasionally rely upon efforts. Still, achievements will not disappoint you.

Love: (84%):

Your hilarious talk will attract your partner. In fact, they would be missing these good times for long. Please maintain the tempo. Bonding will be high.

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