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Horoscope sign Capricorn

Today's Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn in one Line - For the Goat, this is an enjoyable phase when all they have to do is to focus on what they enjoy the most..

Personality (79%):

Capricorn is an earthy sign. Three nakshatras in this sign Uttra Ashada (2), (3) and (4) pada; Shraavana and Dhanishta Nakshatra. People born in this Rashi are practical, however “Me first” in attitude. Saturn rules this sign. Take the support of some elderly. They will provide you some wise advice. Also, the day is not good for new initiative. Though daily routine will provide you regular returns. This will aid your personality make sure you think twice before deciding any step. 

Career (79%):

If given any important role, then please be alert in getting it executed. Business will see some down side, but this will be temporary. Do not react to any sudden news, as this will be detrimental.     

Finance (79%):

Money management will need attention. This is because native creditors can line up today for dues. Try to settle something to avoid confrontation.  

Health (79%):

Health will need some attention. If suffering from varicose veins, then this will be painful today. Please take some rest to avoid getting aggravated.

Education (79%):

Learning will be slow. Planetary alignment will delay retention. This will have an impact in preparation.     

Luck (79%):

Hard work will give better results. But, this will take some time. Do ensure that frustration does not spoil your mood.  

Love (79%):

Love life is likely to see some set back. Please maintain the balance in personal and work life. Your partner will be demanding today. Please pay attention.

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