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Horoscope sign Capricorn

Today's Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn in one Line - For the Goat, this is an enjoyable phase when all they have to do is to focus on what they enjoy the most..

Personality (49%):

Gemini is a n Airy sign. Three Nakshatra that falls under this sign is Mrigasira (3) and (4) pada, Arudra Nakshatra and Punarvasu (1), (2) and (3) Pada. People born in this Rashi are assertive and energetic. Mercury is the ruler of this sign. Moon in the house of loss will be in serious trouble. Do not lose your temper. You can be in serious trouble. With Moon in the house of loss, will expect you to remain in low profile.        


Career: (49%):

Career will be a bit slow. Despite Sun and Mars aspecting the cardinal houses. You will feel dejected.

Finance: (49%):

Spend will be high. You will be worried. Do keep an account. This will help you to save some money and curb expenses.

Health: (49%): 

Sleepless will be a common problem. Do not fret. Allow some rest to enable your mind to remain calm. This will be helpful.

Education: (49%):

Students will work hard to retain knowledge. This will help you, but only after some time. Try not to lose your heart while preparation.

Luck: (49%): 

Luck factor will be missing. Not due to your misfortune, but merely due to transit of planets. Just allow the time to settle.

Love: (49%):

Love life will be under stress. Lack of communication will lead to misunderstanding. Please do not pick up silly fights during the day. 

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Riya Sen

Date of Birth:24 January 1981
Zodiac Sign :Aquarius

Riya Sen is an actress of the Indian movie industry plus a model. She is the granddaughter of iconic actress Suchitra Se..Know More..