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Horoscope sign Libra

Today's Libra Horoscope

Libra in one Line - Librans are advised to move steadily towards their goals carefully filtering out all distractions.


Personality (84%)

Libra is an Airy sign: The three nakshatras that fall under this category are: Chitra (3), (4); Swathi; Vishaka (1), (2), (3) Pada. People born in this rashi are balanced but stubborn. Venus is the ruler of your sign. The cardinal houses are very supportive. Be it luck or intelligence. You will move ahead as per the plan. This will bring much relief that would be needed. The day will continue to be lucky and fullfling.

Career: (84%):

Career growth is certain. If due for promotion, mull over a discussion with your superiors to get an early edge. Your desire will be fulfilled.

Finance: (82%):

Good time to invest in stock and shares. This will give you additional income. Try to encash additional income via arbitraging.

Health: (84%):

Health will continue to be stable. Try to maintain good exercise and diet plan. This will give you the required strength.

Education: (84%):

Students planning to pursue studies abroad are well placed today. If scheduled to give entrance test, then you will do well today. Try to manage them accordingly.

Luck: (82%): 

Luck will be quite supportive. All the planned activities will get accomplished. This will help you in your endeavour.

Love: (84%):

Partners will understand each other very well. Make the most of it today. Planets are well placed to make you feel compatible.

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