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Horoscope sign Libra

Today's Libra Horoscope

Libra in one Line - Librans are advised to move steadily towards their goals carefully filtering out all distractions.

Personality (49%)

Libra is an Airy sign: The three nakshatras that fall under this category are: Chitra (3), (4); Swathi; Vishaka (1), (2), (3) Pada. People born in this rashi are balanced but stubborn. Venus is the ruler of your sign. A day of confusion and quarrel. Please take a back seat. Time is not conducive to pick up importance discussion. There would be miscalculations and judgements. Please avoid being pretentious. Your behaviour will only harm you.

Career: (49%):

Work pressure will be mounted upon you. Please remain careful. Else you will regret procrastination. Please remain careful throughout the day. 

Finance: (49%):

No impulsive decision please. Ego should be Controlled. Money management can be in tailspin if not careful today.

Health: (49%):

Health may not be robust. Please take some care. Fatigue and lack of fitness level will be a problem. Try to maintain good fitness level today.

Education: (49%):

Students will lack concentration. They would not be interested in learning. This will affect their concentration today.

Luck: (49%): 

Luck and fortune will be in back seat. You will have to rely upon efforts only. Try to use crème or yellow as you luck colour today.

Love: (49%):

Emotional disturbance is likely. This will be due to poor conduct. Try to avoid personality clash. You will continue to remain happy.

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Riya Sen

Date of Birth:24 January 1981
Zodiac Sign :Aquarius

Riya Sen is an actress of the Indian movie industry plus a model. She is the granddaughter of iconic actress Suchitra Se..Know More..