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Horoscope sign Virgo

Today's Virgo Horoscope

Virgo in one Line - Virgo holds the sixth position in the order or cycle of Zodiac signs. Virgo is represented by the symbol of ‘Maiden’. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury and the ruling element is ‘Earth’..


This is an Earthy sign. The three nakshatra that fall under this rashi are: Uttra Phalguni (2), (3) and (4); Hasta and Chitra nakshatra (1) and (2). People born in this rashi are great visionaries, but need support to implement their ideas. Moon is transiting through the 12th house today. Not very good for any form of work or activity. If expecting any help from foreign source then you can be disappointed today. Stay away from fire and any plant and machinery that deals in hot substances. Do not drive late I the evening and you plans for any foreign trip can be postponed for some time.     

Finance (51%)

Poor day for Finance. Avoid any forms of speculations today. Even for long term investment take a day or two to research well and decide accordingly.


Average day in career. Do not expect much in business and service today.

Education (50%)

Students might bung lectures today. Do not make it a regular practise as this will bring you ill results.

Health (49%)

 High chances of food poisoning do not eat any outside food today. 


 Love and romance will play second fiddle today. Try to avoid any form of quarrel with partners and spouse.

Luck (49%)

Hard work will precede your luck and fortune today. This can disappoint you today. However, this too will pass.

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