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Horoscope sign Virgo

Today's Virgo Horoscope

Virgo in one Line - Virgo holds the sixth position in the order or cycle of Zodiac signs. Virgo is represented by the symbol of ‘Maiden’. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury and the ruling element is ‘Earth’..

Personality: (48%):

Virgo is an Earthy sign. The three nakshatra that falls under this Rashi is Uttra Phalguni (2), (3) and (4); Hasta and Chitra nakshatra (1) and (2). People born in this Rashi are great visionaries but need support to implement their ideas. Mercury is the ruler of this sing. Moon again continues to be in the house of obstacle. This will affect your results. All your pending work will take a back seat. So, please do not lose any focus and remain calm. 

Career: (48%):

No picking up any silly fights please. You will be at the losing end. Try to manage your work pressure accordingly, this will lead to better results.

Finance: (48%):

Finance and Money management will need some caution. Try to manage your expenses accordingly. You will be happy with the outcome then.

Health: (48%):

Health will be robust. Try to take some rest. This will give you time to rejuvenate completely.

Education: (48%):

Students pursuing higher studies will get some interest in learning today. But your friends can misdirect you. Please maintain a balance of learning and working hard.

Luck: (49%):

Luck and Fortune will be average. You will have to work hard to reach your desired goal. Once done, you will feel better.

Love: (48%):

Love life will be under stress. You will lack interest to spend time with your partner. They will also haul your shortcomings.  

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