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Horoscope sign Cancer

Today's Cancer Horoscope

Cancer in one Line - Cancerians should prepare themselves to face a lot of action in work.

Personality: (49%):

Cancer is a Water Sign. The Three Nakshatras in this Rashi sign are Punarvasu (4) Pushya Nakshatras, Aslesha Nakshatras. People born in this rashi are very emotional and intelligent. Moon is the ruler of this sign. Moon in the house of loss will be very disturbing. There can be family disputes. If not careful, you will be very aggressive and can harm the emotions of your near and dear ones. This will not happy you in any manner.    

Career (49%):

Career growth will be important. But today work pressure will be high. Take small steps to review the work done.

Finance (49%):

Financial management will need a review. Please do not overspend. Else you can regret later. Again avoid touching your savings today.

Health (49%):

Health will take a hit. Low stamina will continue. Try to pick up some good food and rest. You will feel fine.

Educations (49%):

Students may find it difficult to cope up. Low level of learning will make it difficult. The problems will need some more attention.

Luck (49%):   

Luck and gains will be below average. You will be disturbed with poor support of others. Try to rely more on your efforts only.

Love (49%):

Chances are high for some misunderstanding. Please keep a low profile. Do not speak before your turn. This will save you from grave consequences.

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