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Horoscope sign Aquarius

Today's Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius in one Line - For the Water Bearer, this could well be the time when some open display of feelings is needed.

Personality (65%):

The day will pose tough challenges to handle. You need to maintain a patient attitude to see better results. You will find it hard to pursue your goals. However, spiritual inclinations will offer mental strength and peace of mind. Avoid taking major decisions for the day.

Finance (68%):

Monetary prospects do not appear to be bright for the day. Money may not be available in plenty. There will be medical expenses incurred for the day which cannot be ruled out. You will feel the trouble in keeping up with the monetary demands. Keeping a tab of all the expenses will be good for a start.

Career (67%):

There will be excess work pressure present for the day. You may need to cope up with the posing challenging situations. You will have to chart down and schedule the work in order to work better and also to reach your targets at the desirable pace.

Health (60%):

You may suffer from pain in legs. This will be due to your mental stress. You better drinks lots of water and consume vegetables and fruits with water content. This will help you to ease the pain from your legs and keep you fresh.

Luck (62%):

Be very cautious while dealing with money. Think twice before investing money anywhere today. Be focused on your business. If you are looking for success today then wear yellow colored clothes, luck will favor you. 8 will solve all your issues today.

Education (77%):

Efforts done in your past will be rewarded today. Appreciation is awaiting you in terms of a good rank and/or better scores.  Your hard work will be rewarded and appreciated for you. As this will only improve your future in long term.

Love (74%):

You will not be able to maintain friendly relations with your partner. There will be chances of difference of opinion which will cause rift in relationship. You will suffer from unwanted and unnecessary troubles between the two of you.

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