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Horoscope sign Leo V.V.Giri

BORN: 1894-08-10
PROFESSION: Former President

V.V Giri is a prominent name in the Indian political domain. He had been the fourth president of the Indian republic. He was born on 10th of August and is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

V.V Giri’s personality is marked by a very overpowering sense of identity as well as purpose. He is a born leader with a very confident streak in his personality

Career scope

V V Giri is a born leader and that shows well in his professional life. He comes with immense management skills and can function as a superb team leader. That spells career success for him.

Money scope

V V Giri understands the value of money and tries his best to earn sufficiently and save sufficiently. Thus financial security never leaves him.

Health scope

General health of Mr.V V Giri is sound but in the later part of his life he may fall prey to some cardiovascular disorder

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