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Urmila Matondkar

Horoscope sign Aquarius Urmila Matondkar

BORN: 1974-02-04
SIGN: Aquarius

Urmila is a well known actress of the Bollywood movie industry. She has also acted in movies of Tamil, Telegu and Marathi language apart from acting in Hindi movies. She was born on February 4th and is an Aquarian by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

The planetary alignments on the natal chart of Urmila make her a thoroughly determined individual with a very original thought process and advanced thinking ability. She is creative and progressive as a person.

Career scope

In matters of career Urmilla is quite ambitious and likes to bring in some innovations in her mode of work. She is easily capable of outshining all others with her brilliant new ideas that make her get all the attention in her field of work.

Achievements scope

Urmila’s innate acting skills made her get specially noticed right from the beginning of her career in the movie industry. Her acting renditions had made her achieve several awards and accolades such as Film fare awards, Zee cine awards, Bollywood movie awards, Guild award for best actress etc

Family and relationships scope

She is fond of healthy company as it fosters healthy communication and exchange of thoughts and ideas. In amorous relationship, she is out rightly expressive when it comes to giving vent to her emotions and feelings

Money scope

When it comes to the money domain, Urmilla seeks for financial prosperity in life and strives hard towards achieving it. She is enthusiastic about exploring the various financial chances available and implementing new money making ideas in her life

Health scope

Urmilla is panicky in matters of the health. Even the most insignificant symptom of a minor disease makes her ponder over it deeply and that may lead to enough of mental stress in her and also resultant downfall of physical health

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