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Trisha Krishnan

Horoscope sign Taurus Trisha Krishnan

BORN: 1983-05-04
SIGN: Taurus

Date of Birth 4th May, Wednesday Year of Birth 1983 Place of Birth Chennai Time of Birth 12:00:00 Time zone 5.5 Latitude 13N 5 Longitude 80E 18 Trisha Krishnan Born on the 4th of May, Trisha, the famous model as well as film actress, is a die-hard Taurean by virtue of her date of birth, nature and personality. She is precise, meticulous, practical and realistic in her approach to life as a whole. She is greatly calculative and has great attention to details just like a typical taurean. These attributes in Trisha’s character paves the way for her limitless success. Also, she is sensitive to others and thus gives a patient, compassionate hearing to all. She is highly ambitious deep within and sometimes over exerts herself to do many things at a time. She pursues her goals with an unflinching resolve and Taurus-like stubbornness, which is why reaching the heights is ordained for her. Later in life, she may develop health issues such as migraine or tension headache

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