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Tiger Woods

Horoscope sign Capricorn Tiger Woods

BORN: 1975-12-30
SIGN: Capricorn

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, the world renowned golfer from America, is one of the most acclaimed and successful golfers globally. For quite a number of years, he had been drawing the highest salary among all other athletes of the world. He was born on December 30th and is a Capricorn native by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope         

Planets Jupiter and Saturn act upon Woods’ natal chart making him what he is. Under these planetary influences he turns out to be a highly determined and ambitious individual with an out-and-out positive approach towards everything in life

Career scope

When it comes to the sphere of career, Tiger Woods takes the plunge just like a robust ‘tiger’ indeed. Work challenges never agitate him. In fact he loves to grapple with those challenges and make the most out of those

Achievements scope

Tiger Woods is a bright star in the world of golfing and sports as a whole. Some of the most notable awards and achievements he has bagged so far are Best male athlete ESPY Award, Sports illustrated sportsperson of the year award, Best Golfer ESPY Award, Best championship performance ESPY Award etc

Family and relationships scope

Woods is very supportive, compassionate and helpful towards his friends and family. People in fact enjoy his companionship a lot. As a love mate, he may be hesitant towards expressing his emotions to his partner

Money scope

Making money holds great significance for him and he makes sufficient efforts in that direction. He often switches from one career project to another to grab a good pay scale and is most of the time successful in doing so

Health scope

He attaches more importance to mental health when compared to physical health and tries his best to stay happy mentally and emotionally. That naturally impacts his physical health in a positive way

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