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Horoscope sign Scorpio Tabu

BORN: 1971-11-04
SIGN: Scorpio

Tabu is a well known actress of the Indian movie industry. She has not only acted in numerous
Hindi films but also in films of other languages such as Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam,
Marathi, and even English. She was born on November 4 th and is a Scorpion by virtue of her
date of birth.

Personality scope

Planets Uranus and Pluto shape the personality of Tabu. Under the impact of these celestial
orbs she turns out to be an extremely strong willed person with remarkable astuteness,
resilience and rationality

Career scope

Tabu is variedly talented and is determined to make full use of her talents on the professional
front. Due to her immense versatility Tabu will never face any dearth of projects and that’ll give
her a happening professional life

Achievements scope

Stars foretell of a great achievement domain for Tabu. She has won many awards so far some
of which include awards like Filmfare critics award for best actress, National Film award for best
actress, IIFA Award for best actress, Zee cine award for best actress and the like

Family and relationships scope

Tabu has certain specific demands when it comes to her relations in life. She is picky about
friends and near and dear ones and wants her chosen set of close relations to be with her
through the thick and thin of life

Money scope

Luck shines on her in matters of money and money making. She hardly encounters any sort of
major financial crisis. Her guts guide her fabulously in money matters and that paves the way
for great financial success for her

Health scope

Tabu has good health on the whole though occasionally some inner anxiety may prey on her mental
peace and sense of well being. She needs to learn ways to relax herself in order to get respite

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