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sushma swaraj

Horoscope sign Aquarius Sushma swaraj

BORN: 1952-02-14
SIGN: Aquarius
PROFESSION: Politician

Sushma Swaraj is a well known figure in Indian politics. She had been a lawyer of Supreme Court in the past and is currently holding office as Minister of External Affairs on behalf of the country’s ruling party, BJP. She was born on February 14th and is an Aquarian by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Mercury casts its dominant influence upon the natal chart of Sushma Swaraj giving her personality certain unique traits and characteristics. Under the impact of planet Mercury she turns out to be a witty personality with a great sense of humor. She is loyal by nature and has some innate problem-solving aptitude.

Career scope

Her attitude to career domain is a real dedicated and ethical one but she makes sure that work does not dominate her in life. She has a mind to appreciate and enjoy all other facets of life apart from work

Achievements scope

Sushma Swaraj is an eminent political personality who has been always on the headlines due to her bold and upright ways. Before joining politics, she had proved her mettle as a successful lawyer too. Currently as an external affairs minister, she is working most efficiently to handle various international crisis situations associated with India.

Family and relationships scope

It is easy for her to begin a relationship and maintaining it all through as she is an excellent communicator and is caring and loving by nature. People love her company and enjoy being in a relationship with her.

Money scope

Money never drives her ahead in life and she never cares to chase it. She, in fact, lacks in the matters of money. When there’s money with her, she tends to over spend it especially on costly, luxury goods

Health scope

She loves to savor various kinds of food and often goes over the board in this. Such unrestrained eating habits can take a toll on her physical health and if she isn’t cautious on time, the problem may turn serious enough

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