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Horoscope sign Virgo Srinivas.P.B

BORN: 1930-09-22
SIGN: Virgo

PB Srinivas was a veteran singer of the Indian music industry. Playback singing was his niche and he sang nearly 3000 songs in various languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Konkani, Tulu etc. He was born on September 22nd and is a Virgo native by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Planets Moon and Mercury shaped the personality of PB Srinivas. Moon made him an out-an-out creative person with an aesthetic bent of mind while mercury made him a shrewd observer who had an extremely coordinated and strategic approach towards life.

Career scope

Innovation and improvements formed an important part of PB Srinivas’s career progress path. He was a perfectionist when it comes to the execution of his professional responsibilities and believed in taking proper training to perfect his skills.

Money scope

Juggling with money was an inseparable part of his financial life. His attraction towards the luxuries and finer things of life made him overspend at times but he also performed quite well in the tight-fisted budget situations.

Health scope

He was sensible and alert towards health and hardly made any unhealthy choices with regard to diet or lifestyle. Thus, sicknesses of any kind barely touched him though occasionally he suffered fromheadaches.

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