Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Sonu Nigam

Horoscope sign Leo Sonu Nigam

BORN: 1973-07-30

Sonu nigam is a popular play back singer of the Indian music industry. He has done playback singing in numerous Hindi as well as Kannada movies. Some of his music albums were big hits among the young generation. He was born on July 30th and is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Sonu Nigam is blessed with an intuitive mind. He also makes a loyal friend and is compassionate when it comes to his near and dear ones. His wittiness and perceptiveness makes him stand out from the crowd.

Career scope

Sonu Nigam’s career success is much dependent on his enthusiastic approach, mental alertness and sharp mental aptitude that makes him do full justice to his profession.

Money scope

Sonu Nigam though has all the necessary money making skills is not very much cautious about money matters. However, stars bless him with a good money luck.

Health scope

Sonu Nigam understands the value of good health and the value of exercises to keep one fit and healthy. But when it comes to trying out such exercises, he tends to feel lazy and thus avoid it.

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