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Sonam Kapoor

Horoscope sign Gemini Sonam Kapoor

BORN: 1985-06-09
SIGN: Gemini

Sonam Kapoor, former model and the critically acclaimed Indian actress celebrates her birthday on 9th June and is bestowed by zodiac sign- Gemini.

Personality scope

Sonam Kapoor is a gem of a person with her versatility trait. Her charismatic charm is driven by her enthusiasm. Being a Geminian, Sonam expertise in communication skills and her soft spoken nature earns her a great respect, every time, she casts the spell of her humble nature. Being intellectual, she is a good mentor to her allies.

Career scope

Sonam Kapoor being Gemini born is very fond of talking and this makes her seek more information and knowledge. In turn, she is passionately carrier oriented and her intellect makes her shine brightly in her career.

Money scope

Geminians are never known to lead a subtle life and hence, Sonam, being one of them seeks a sound financial ground. Her hard work and efforts garner her fame as well as abundant money to live life Queen size on her own.

Health scope

Sonam’s fitness mantra is her health secret. Meditation and Yoga is in her routine and that’s what keeps her fit and fine. However the last quarter of this year might make her susceptible to ailments but with daily exercise routine, she’s sure to keep it all at bay.

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