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Silambarasan Rajendran

Horoscope sign Aquarius Silambarasan Rajendran

BORN: 1983-02-03
SIGN: Aquarius

Silambrasan is a well known actor of the Tamil movie industry. He is director and producer too and does playback singing as well. He was born on February 3rd and is an Aquarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

The planetary alignments on Silambrasan’s natal chart make him a true lover of freedom. He loves his freedom of thoughts and actions and despite chaotic emotions, is optimistic towards life and its events

Career scope                             

Silambrasan has a distinctly outgoing approach when it comes to his work life. His natural eloquence and ability to share his wisdom and knowledge gives him all the needed limelight and recognition in career

Achievements scope

Silambrasan started his career as a child artist mostly in his dad’s movies. Being the son of another renowned Tamil actor, T Rajendar, Silambrasan has acting in his blood. His career has taken a full flight after that making him achieve awards and accolades like Kalamamani from Government of Tamil Nadu, ITFA Best Actor Award, SIIMA Awards for Stylish Star of South Cinema, Edison Awards for Best Actor

Family and relationships scope

He shows great emotional restrain when it comes to intimate relationships. He doesn’t want his emotional freedom to be stifled in any way and thus takes his steps with great caution in matters of relationships

Money scope

He is organized in his approach towards money and thus handles money with great skill. He attaches much importance to high pay checks as those can help him with the needed finance to fund his dreams

Health scope

Stars bless him with good health. His mindset is pro-active in matters related to health and thus he takes all the necessary steps to brush up on his fitness and maintain it all through.  Nature gazing and meditation can work wonders for his health.

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