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Shruti Hassan

Horoscope sign Aquarius Shruti Hassan

BORN: 1986-01-28
SIGN: Aquarius

Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan, a popular actress of the Indian movie industry and is also a skill singer. Her works are focused mainly in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu languages. Shruti is daughter to Kamal Hassan, another veteran actor. She was born on January 28th and is an Aquarian by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

The planetary alignments on Shruti Hassan’s natal chart make her happy-go-lucky individual. She loves limelight and adventure and requires a full dose of those in her life to keep going. Also, she comes with high levels of determination.

Career scope

As far as career is concerned, Shruti looks for professions/career project where she could make optimum use of her creativity and intellect. When it comes to taking major career decisions she shows remarkably realistic approach

Achievements scope

Shruti shows great promise both as an actress as well as singer. Her performances have made her achieve laurels in the form of few top awards like Best female debut filmfare award south, CineMAA Awards, Asiavision awards, SIIMA Awards etc

Family and relationships scope

When it comes to the relationship domain, Shruti loves spontaneity in her relationships. As a romantic partner she can turn too demanding or selfish at times or may even become overtly emotional regarding her man.

Money scope

She may find that she is capable of earning good amount of money in her life but could also find herself in a circumstance where she could encounter income fluctuations due to a plethora of reasons.

Health scope

Shruti is health conscious right from her childhood and that gives her body all the needed backup to stay free from diseases. However, soaring stress levels may lead to a downfall of health for her occasionally

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