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Shivaraj Kumar

Horoscope sign Cancer Shivaraj Kumar

BORN: 1962-07-12
SIGN: Cancer

Shivaraj Kumar or Putta Swami is a well known actor, television artist, movie producer and playback singer dominating the Kannada movie industry. He was born on 12th July and is a Cancerian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Shivraj kumar is a fun loving and quite expressive individual who emanates an aura of positivity and mirthfulness through his personality. Thus, he can make friends quite easily and people love to be around him. He is someone who wants a balance and order in everything and is upset when the order of life is disrupted due to some reason

Career scope

Shivraj kumar loves his profession and enjoys being in it. He is tactful enough to maintain a good relation with colleagues without compromising with his own quality of work. His impressive communication skills add an edge to his career

Money scope

Shivraj kumar is blessed with excellent financial wisdom and that allows him to use his money in the wisest manner. His superb saving skills allow him to save enough for the near future. Thus, money can never be a constraint for him

Health scope

In general Shivraj kumar has a good health. But occasionally stress overpowers him and takes a toll on his physical health.

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