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Horoscope sign Libra Sathyaraj

BORN: 1954-10-03
SIGN: Libra

Sathyaraj is an actor of the Indian movie industry with his area of work being mainly Tamil
Cinema. He had been a popular media personality too. He was born on October 3 and is a Libran by
virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Planets Jupiter & Venus influence the personality of Sathyaraj. Under the impact of these planets, his
personality is endowed with remarkable charisma and enthusiasm. Diligence and seriousness too are
important traits of his personality.

Career scope

Hard work and considerable effort is his forte in the field of career. He is dedicated to his career goals and
leaves no stone unturned to realize those goals. His analytic mind at work fetches him numerous

Money scope

He is an adroit artisan for managing money. He has all the skills of earning money sufficiently and is
blessed with a steady income source. Further, he is enthusiastic about saving for the hard times and never
gives into frivolous spending impulses.

Health scope

His health stays in good shape most of the time. His positive and optimistic mind impacts his physical
health most positively. Thus, he can bash aside all petty illnesses with the power of his mind.

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