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Sangolli Rayanna

Horoscope sign Leo Sangolli Rayanna

BORN: 1798-08-15
PROFESSION: Freedom Fighter

Sangoli Rayanna is a prominent warrior and freedom fighter from the state of Karnataka. He plays an important role in the country’s historical freedom struggle. He was born on 15th of August and the date of birth well complements his character. He is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Warm heartedness and a cheerful disposition define the personality of Rayanna. He is highly observant by nature and has a remarkably positive and optimistic approach towards life as a whole

Career scope                                                        

His forward thinking and ambitiousness helps him forge his way ahead in the field of career. He is eager to do a work that pays him off handsomely

Finance scope

Over indulgence on luxuries and self pampering may de-stabilize his wealth domain. He is not pleased with meager means and craves to earn more and more but also spends in an equally unrestrained way

Health scope

The general health of Rayanna is good enough but occasionally he may fall prey to bad health due to over indulgence in food and drink

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