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Samhita Shetty

Horoscope sign Aquarius Samhita Shetty

BORN: 1979-02-02
SIGN: Aquarius

Samhita Shetty is an actress of the Bollywood movie industry and is known enough as actress, Shilpa Shetty’s younger sister. She is also a model plus an adroit interior designer. She was born on February 2nd and is an Aqurian by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

The natal chart of Samhita Shetty is ruled by the planet Moon and thus the planetary influences of Moon determine her personality traits as well. Under the impact of Moon Samhita turns out to be a highly sensitive individual with a striking desire for aloofness and independence

Career scope             

When it comes to her career, Samhita adopts a very organized work approach. She is comfortable working according to a set work plan or schedule. A work project that allows her the full scope and freedom of work is the one that catches her fancy.

Achievements scope

Samhita is vivacious as an actress and has made a distinct place in the Indian movie industry. Also, as a model she has set many hearts racing. As an interior design professional too she has scored many laurels. One of the major awards she has achieved in her career is IIFA award for star debut of the year

Family and relationships scope

In matters of relationships, she maintains a typical Aquarian detachment. She looks at a relationship prospect from a practical point of view and does not get easily carried away by emotions and romanticisms

Money scope

Money never holds an important place in her life. As long as she can meet her basic needs, she is happy with her usual salary profile. However, when it comes to spending she shows a pretty judicious approach

Health scope

When it comes to the health domain, she shows an indolent and neglectful attitude. Weakened immune system, frequent cold and coughs, fever and infections may trouble her from time to time in the course of her life.

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