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Salim Ali

Horoscope sign Scorpio Salim Ali

BORN: 1987-11-12
SIGN: Scorpio
PROFESSION: Ornithologist

Salim Ali had been a renowned Orinthologist plus naturalist of our country and was commonly
known by the metaphor of ‘Birdman of India’. He was the one who had initiated systematic
surveys for birds in our country. He was born on November 12 and was a Scorpion by virtue of
his date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Pluto and Moon shaped the personality of Salim Ali. Under these planetary influences
he turned out to be a highly responsible person with a very positive as well as optimistic
outlook towards life

Career scope

Salim Ali had been a career-oriented person with a very dedicated focus towards the career
goals. He had a very aspiring and ambitious streak in him and that helped him come into the
spotlights as far as career was concerned

Achievements scope

If a glance is casted on the achievements of Salim Ali, one would find a sea of achievements. He
had been the chief spokesman behind Indian ornithology. Some of the major awards and
honors he had achieved for his contributions include Padma bhusan, Padma Vibhusan

Family and relationships scope

Salim Ali could establish a divine connection with his loved ones but it took him much time to
repose his trust on anyone. He valued intimacy in love and usually felt very passionate towards
his soul mate.

Money scope

Money was never a matter of importance for him and he had always been careless about
money matters. Thus, financial doldrums and periods of struggle were quite frequent during his

Health scope

Spiritual as well as emotional well being greatly determined his physical health. He always needed to
feel good within himself in order to retain his physical energy and vitality. When upset, he became
prone to unhealthy lifestyle which led to deterioration in health

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