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Rohit Sharma

Horoscope sign Taurus Rohit Sharma

BORN: 1987-04-30
SIGN: Taurus
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Rohit Sharma is a well known cricketer of team India who mainly plays as a right handed batsman and also at times he contributes to the team as off-break, right arm bowler. He is a part of the MUMBAI team for domestic Indian cricket. He was born on 30th April and is a Taurean by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Venus and Sun cast their influence upon the natal chart of Rohit Sharma giving him his unique personality traits. Under these planetary influences he turns out to be a very strong-willed person with remarkable leadership qualities

Career scope

He is ambitious and hard working and that drives him ahead on the path of career. He is likely to love the work he does and may be involved in it dedicatedly. Once he can apply his talent in the field of job, he gets mental solace.

Achievements scope

Rohit Sharma is a brilliant cricketer and comes with a real bright cricketing career. His popularity among fans makes him a well known cricketer and clearly reflects all that he has achieved through his career

Family and relationships scope

He is quite romantic and enthusiastic about love and that really makes him an ideal lover. To his close friends and family he appears to be emotionally detached occasionally though not at all times.

Money scope

Rohit may be blessed with good financial luck. When he handles money, he exercises great caution, thereby never indulging in over spending. He can control his financial habits easily and thus maintain financial stability all the time

Health scope

Health-wise he is likely to be sound. He exercises control over his lifestyle and food and never indulges in recklessness only to make sure that he is on the track towards good health forever.

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