Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Robin Uthappa

Horoscope sign Scorpio Robin Uthappa

BORN: 1985-11-11
SIGN: Scorpio
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Robin Uthappa is a cricket player of team India. He debuted in one day international cricket in
the year 2006 against England. He plays domestic cricket for Karnataka and is a part of the
Kolkata Knight Riders team in the IPL Matches. He was born on November 11 th and is a Scorpion
by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Uthappa’s personality is sculpted mainly by two celestial orbs; Moon and Pluto. Under the
impact of these planets Uthappa turns out to be an enthusiastic individual with an affinity for
wisdom and knowledge

Career scope

When it comes to career, Uthappa may experience difficulty focusing on any one particular
vocation or project. His career choices are likely to change briskly and frequently

Achievements scope

Stellar arrangements show a bright achievements domain for Uthappa. In 2008 IPL Uthappa
embarked on a pretty brilliant opening season and after that many other such achievements
followed in a train and many are yet to come…

Family and relationships scope

Relationships hold prime importance for him. He likes to build up deep, never-to- break bonds
with his loved ones and makes sure to stay away from all superficial associations

Money scope

Stars bless him with a sound monetary status though he is not so much bothered about
acquiring wealth. In fact he possesses the natural skills to amass wealth and administer over it

Health scope

Uthappa has a healthy body and immense vitality naturally but emotional upheavals can take a
toll on his health and sap his physical energy and vitality. Depression is one issue he might have
to deal with occasionally

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