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Riya Sen

Horoscope sign Aquarius Riya Sen

BORN: 1981-01-24
SIGN: Aquarius

Riya Sen

Riya Sen is an actress of the Indian movie industry plus a model. She is the granddaughter of iconic actress Suchitra Sen and daughter of Moon moon Sen, another renowned actress. Riya was born on January 24th and is an Aquarian by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Planet Venus acts upon the natal chart of Riya Sen in a dominant way making her what she is as a person. Under the planetary influence of Venus, she turns out to be a creative and fun-loving individual with a remarkably charming edge to her personality

Career scope

Riya has much clarity of vision when it comes to her career. She knows well what career path she wants to pursue and what all she wants out of it. This clarity of vision makes her well targeted and focused on her career goals

Achievements scope

Riya has acting in her DNA as she belongs to a veteran acting family. She debuted in the acting industry as child actress in movie ‘Vishkanya’. She is a popular face not only in movies but also in several music videos and advertisements. Riya has showcased her acting skills not only in Bollywood movies but also in movies of various other languages like Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, English. In other words, Riya’s achievement domain seems bright enough.

Family and relationships scope

She is often reluctant about commitments and tries her best to stay away from intense emotions and emotional intricacies. But, when involved in a relationship, she can make a real warm and loving partner

Money scope

She has a careless approach towards money and tends to spend more than she can save. This may put her financial prospects into risk and rainy days may arrive anytime for her as spelled by her stellar alignments

Health scope

She is naturally blessed with immense vitality but often is thrown out of balance when it comes to pursuing her health goals or following her health routines. This lack of balance may prove detrimental to her health at times

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