Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Richa Pallod

Horoscope sign Virgo Richa Pallod

BORN: 1980-08-30
SIGN: Virgo

Richa Pallod is a popular actress of the Indian movie industry. She is also well known model. She was born on August 30 and is a Virgo native by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Richa has a charming personality marked with the attributes of cheerfulness and optimism. These traits of hers leave a positive impact on all around her and her social life turns buzzing as a result

Career scope

Richa takes her work seriously and chases her career goals with utmost doggedness and perseverance. That ordains success for her

Money scope

Richa has great earning potential and is shrewd and prudent in all money matters and that helps her in maintaining a favorable financial status

Health scope

Richa Pallod is quite concerned about fitness and well being. She tries her best to stick to a healthy lifestyle and diet plan and that helps her maintain a good health

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