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Richa Gangopadhya

Horoscope sign Pisces Richa Gangopadhya

BORN: 1986-03-20
SIGN: Pisces

Richa Gangopadhya is an actress and model who has her works focused on the Telegu movie industry though she has even acted in few Bengali plus Tamil movies. Currently she is more into studies than into movies and is enrolled in Washington University for getting a MBA Degree. She was born on 20th March and is a Piscean native by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

As per the stellar alignments on her natal chart, Richa turns out to be a quite emotional person but with a unique mystical streak to her persona. Thus what she shows to the world about herself may not always tally with her real self.

Career scope

She comes with an inborn creativity which makes her lean towards career domains where she has the full liberty to express herself. She is likely to play a very active role when it comes to executing her job responsibilities.

Achievements scope

Richa is a well known actress especially in the South Indian movie industry. She is in fact a beauty with brains. Her acting skills have made her achieve some notable awards like SIIMA Award, Norway Tamil Film festival award, Edison award, Superhit film award. She has made a significant mark as a beauty pagent too. Miss India USA and Miss Michigan are some of the contests she participated in. currently she is pursuing her MBA and that again proves her as a meritorious student and an all-rounder.

Family and relationships scope

She has a loyal and loving nature and that makes an ideal friend as well as partner. In case her heart is wounded by a loved one, she cannot forget that easily and takes time to forgive him or her.

Money scope

Money matters assume little importance for her and she is quite lacking in money management skills. If she hires a personal financial advisor, that would actually do her some good. She is also prone to impulse spending.

Health scope

There are certain specific ailments on the cards for her. Muscle and bone weaknesses are one of those. Regular exercises and food high in calcium and proteins can help. Also, she is likely to suffer from dehydration issues for which she needs to increase her fluid intake

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