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Ravi Shastri

Horoscope sign Gemini Ravi Shastri

BORN: 1962-05-27
SIGN: Gemini
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Ravi Shastri, the famous former cricketer of the Indian cricket team as well as the former director of team India was born on May 27th and is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth Personality scope Ravi Shastri is in love with his own freedom. Self emancipation is the highlight of his character and thus Ravi can never be shackled under any circumstances. A vigorous, full-blooded and pulsating life force works through the character of Ravi Shastri and that gives him an insatiable urge to travel, meet new people, develop new acquaintances and enjoy life in all possible ways. Ravi’s upbeat personality makes him grab all the attention and he often plays the role of a motivator to many Career scope Ravi Shastri will meet with success in the field of career because of his unflinching determination and will power. He has not learnt to give up and that keeps him going with increased zest on the path of his career. In other words, Ravi’s passionate career pursuits will bring him luck in the field of career. Finance scope Ravi is a lucky man financially. His sincerity and dedication as a careerist will bring him fame, money and prosperity. Ravi knows how to increase his existing riches and thus will show extraordinary financial wisdom and investment skills. Health scope Ravi Shastri is a healthy man, blessed with an athletic physique. However, in the later part of his life, he may develop ailments related to lungs congestion and the gastro-intestinal tract

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