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Ranveer Shorey

Horoscope sign Leo Ranveer Shorey

BORN: 1972-08-18

Ranbir Shorey is a very popular movie actor of the Indian film industry plus former VJ. After his debut in the movie ’Ek chhoti si love story’ his career as an actor and he came to act in innumerable high-profile movies after that. He was born on 18th of August and is a Leonite by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Ranbir Shorey comes with a curious mind and is a very fair and upright person by nature. There’s a charismatic streak in his personality that casts a spell on all. His unflinching resolve and indomitable courage empowers his personality most

Career scope

Ranbir loves his career and enjoys being a part of it. He is never perturbed by the challenges of his career. He in fact loves challenges as it gives him a chance to be creative and allows him to explore all the scopes of progress in his profession

Money scope

In matters of money Ranbir shows lack of sturdiness. He is capable of earning handsomely but falls short of money saving skills

Health scope

Ranbir comes with a robust and strong general health. He is health conscious and takes all the necessary steps to retain his good health

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