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RamaRao N T

Horoscope sign Gemini RamaRao N T

BORN: 1923-05-28
SIGN: Gemini

NT Rama Rao or NTR is a renowned figure in the Indian film industry plus in the field of politics. He had been movie actor, producer and director all at the same time and had also proved his mettle as a successful politician by serving as Andhra Pradesh chief minister for three successful terms! He was born on the 28th of May and thus is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth. Personality scope NT Rama Rao is a very amicable person. His politeness and easy-going nature endears him to all. He is enthusiastic and witty by nature and thus leaves a mark on all around him. NT Rama Rao hates domination; he is in love with his own freedom; cannot stand any kind of dictation and that makes him a true ‘Geminian’ Career scope NT Rama rao is a multi-faceted or rather god-gifted talent. In the course of his career, he had played multiple career roles successfully enough. The world today recognizes and lauds him as a promising actor, writer, movie director, producer and politician. It is his ambition and thirst for change that keeps him going. Money scope NT Rama Rao is blessed with a very promising financial domain. His eventful and variegated career status paves the way towards enhancing his riches. He is blessed with financial security and has all the mental stamina to take vital financial decisions. Health scope NT Rama Rao is blessed with a sound health generally. Though in the later part of his life, he may fall prey to ailments related to his cardiovascular system & eyesight. So, caution!

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