Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Rafael Nadal

Horoscope sign Gemini Rafael Nadal

BORN: 1986-06-03
SIGN: Gemini
PROFESSION: TennisPlayer

Rafael Nadal, the world renowned Tennis player was born on June 3 and is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Rafael is a practical person on the whole but when it comes to his family and near & dear ones, Rafael is emotional and even sensitive. In various spheres of life, Rafael portrays himself as a perfectionist. He will keep persevering until all his goals are met most perfectly

Career scope

Rafael dreams ‘big’ when it comes to his career and then does everything to realize that dream. As per astral alignments, he is likely to soar very high in his career and is likely to get name, fame & prosperity through his career status

Money scope

Money is always with Rafael who will never know what it is to be amid cash crunches. He will earn substantially and his bank balance may thus increase in leaps & bounds. He may take to some donating & charitable activities in the later part of his life

Health scope

Rafael is blessed with an iron physique and fit body. However, occasionally he may be plagued by niggling muscle sprains, strains and stiffness issues

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