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Omar Abdullah

Horoscope sign Pisces Omar Abdullah

BORN: 1970-03-10
SIGN: Pisces
PROFESSION: Politician

Omar Abdullah, a successor of the country’s most renowned political family; Abdullah Family is known enough for his political leadership. He is a distinct political figure who had been the 11th and the youngest of all Jammu and Kashmir chief ministers so far. He was born on 10th March and is a Piscean native by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope            

Planets Neptune and Sun cast their cosmic influence upon the natal chart of Omar Abdullah making him what he is as a person. Under these planetary influences he turns out to be a confident individual with a really bold and outgoing nature. His personality has a charisma that grabs all attention.

Career scope

He wants his vocation to be well matched with his dreams and desires related to a perfect career. Job satisfaction holds prime importance for him when it comes to choosing a career or task rather than the monetary benefits from it.

Achievements scope

Omar Abdullah had been the chief minister of the most politically unsettled state; the state of Jammu and Kashmir and had received all the spotlights for being the youngest of Kashmir CM’s. He has made headlines by playing a lead combating role in some of the most politically sensitive affairs of the state.

Family and relationships scope

He always seeks for attention and recognition when it comes to his relationships with his near and dear ones. This, may not be entertained by all and thus getting into a relationship may turn out to be a rather tricky matter for him

Money scope

In money matters he tends to be highly watchful. He has a good financial sense and that helps him plan his monetary investments in the most profitable ways. He is likely to grab great ROI’s as per his stellar configurations

Health scope

Health issues are not very common in his life as taking care of health comes naturally to him. But he may suffer from certain ailments triggered by allergic reactions or due to increased stress levels in life

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