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Horoscope sign Taurus NTR Jr

BORN: 1983-05-20
SIGN: Taurus

Junior NTR or N T Ramarao is an acclaimed film actor in the field of Telugu Cinema. He is also a well famed Kuchipudi dancer. Junior NTR was born on 20th of May and is a Taurean by virtue of his date of birth. Personal scope Junior NTR is a well balanced individual capable of striking harmony between work and family plus social life. His stars indicate that friends and family will play a major role in his career growth. Junior NTR will sometimes turn in un-wantedly aggressive and that could lead to certain difficulties and challenges in life Career scope He is likely to receive favors from the people of higher authorities. His ambition and desires are likely to reach easy fulfillment due to his own perseverance and the typical Taurean stubborness.NTR is a creative person to the very core. His musical talents will know no bounds. Just like any other Taurean, Junior NTR touches the high water mark of excellence in his creative pursuits. Health scope In the health sector junior NTR may be more or less a person of sound health but certain minor issues pertaining to head or eyes may crop up. Money scope Junior NTR is lucky in terms of money. Money will stream into his life through community oriented activities. If he can put his ideas and thoughts into practice, there will be no end to his riches

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