Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Naseeruddin Shah

Horoscope sign Cancer Naseeruddin Shah

BORN: 1949-07-20
SIGN: Cancer

Nasiruddin Shah has very prominent Indian movie actor and stage actor. He was born on July 20th and is a Cancerian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Naseeruddin Shah has a remarkably charming. He is very adaptable and compassionate as a human being and has a shy streak to his personality. He can make an excellent confidante and friend to almost anyone

Career scope

Career domain is promising for Naeeruddin Shah and job satisfaction matters to him more than the monetary rewards from that job

Money scope

Naseeruddin Shah comes with decent money managing skills. He is cautious about his financial dealings and acknowledges the value of money. However at times he is too generous with his charity work and donations and that de-stabilizes him financially

Health scope

Naseeruddin Shah’s general health status is good. But occasionally sleep issues and insomniac tendencies may trouble him

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