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Namrata Shirodkar

Horoscope sign Aquarius Namrata Shirodkar

BORN: 1972-01-22
SIGN: Aquarius

Namrata Shirodkar

Namrata Shirodkar is an actress as well as producer of the Indian movie industry. Her works are primarily focused on Bollywood movies as well as Telegu movies. Before joining the acting industry she had been a model and had won the 1993 Femina Miss India Crown. She was born on 22nd January and is an Aquarian by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Planet Uranus dominates upon the natal chart of Namrata Shirodkar making her what she is as a person. Under this planetary influence she turns out to be a brilliant thinker and a highly generous person

Career scope

She shows remarkable enthusiasm and energy when it comes to her work domain. She is a tireless worker who can burn the midnight oil to drive her career pursuits towards their ultimate goal

Achievements scope

Namrata Shirodkar’s acting skills as well as aptitude as a model has earned her name, fame and many accolades. Her acting skills as well as her position as a beauty pageant made her achieve an extensive and loyal fan base

Family and relationships scope

She is rather picky when it comes to choosing her relations. People who can entertain her and make her laugh her lungs out easily catch her fancy. She can make a loving partner who however, chooses not to be dominated by her counterpart

Money scope

She is quite concerned about her earnings. By making proper utilization of her talents she can maintain a steady inflow of wealth into her life and can even save substantially for the bad patches or financially hard times

Health scope

She can easily become hyper on the slightest of pretext and that can lead to ailments like hypertension, insomnia and stress. She really needs to manage her temper in order to feel fit and fine physically

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