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Horoscope sign Leo Mumtaz

BORN: 1947-07-31

Mumtaz had been a renowned Indian movie actress as well as model in the past. Her acting skills were best showcased in the movie ‘Khilona’. She was born on July 31st and is a Leonite by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Mumtaz’s personality is marked by the attributes of innate inventiveness, chirpy friendliness and remarkable optimism. Her social life will always be abuzz as she is an excellent communicator, expressive and sociable by nature

Career scope 

Mumtaz’s creativity and expressiveness works to her advantage in her field of profession. Thus, she makes her mark in her unique way, standing out from the rest of her kind. Work quality is more important to her than work pay.

Money scope

A favorable financial acumen that she possesses blesses her with great luck in terms of money. That helps her to make her financial domain highly stable. She is adept in both saving and earning money.

Health scope

Health and wellness are her priority all the time. Therefore she tries to achieve both. Often she takes to pampering herself a lot in order reach a healthy state of mind and body

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