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Mother Teresa

Horoscope sign Virgo Mother Teresa

BORN: 1910-08-26
SIGN: Virgo
PROFESSION: Philanthropist

Mother Teresa is the world famed Roman Catholic nun as well as missionary who made immense contribution to humanity at large through her dedicated and continuous efforts to shelter and help the sick, poor, needy and destitute all over the country and globe. Her Missionaries of Charity is a world renowned organization. She was born on August 26th and is a virgo native by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Mother Teresa comes with a magnanimous personality. She is calm, composed and level-headed as an individual. Her peaceful disposition and graceful demeanor earns her all the attention

Finance scope

Mother Teresa’s life is marked by financial strength and stability. Her income will always be steady and her innate financial wisdom will guide her through life

Career scope

Mother Terasa feels passionate about her work. She does it because she loves it and that cauuses her to put her heart and soul into work and emerge successful

Health scope

Mother Teresa is health-conscious and that urges her to keep her health in good shape all the time

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